Jolee + Lyle | Elopement at Worsmloe Historic Site in Savannah, GA | Georgia Wedding Photographer | © Rachel Strickland Photography

I am thrilled to share this exciting experience with you all. I truly believe God had a hand in connecting me with Jolee and Lyle for their sweet and intimate elopement at Wormsloe Historic Site! My good photographer friend, Izzy Hudgins, actually referred me to one of Jolee’s friends and from there, I got to witness this spectacular story!

Jolee and Lyle met at an area meeting for their jobs. They worked in separate offices from each other and only saw each other about every 6 months for these meetings. Lyle is a physical therapist and Jolee is a nurse. Fate had it’s plans and they both learned that they had been attending the same church for about a year! They never actually met at church, but God had already laid the foundation for these two sweethearts.

Since dating, Jolee and Lyle had recently been talking about their future together prayed about the decision to get married, and they began to plan. The preacher that they wanted to officiate the wedding was only available the Saturday of the week that Jolee contacted him, unless they wanted to wait until September. But they knew that this was meant to be; no need to wait! They took the leap and just went for it!

Jolee and Lyle planned this heartwarming intimate wedding in just 5 days with the help of their friends and family. Every detail just fell right into place, even up until the day of, as though God was clearing the path for this new journey to begin! Just in the short time I have known Jolee, I have experienced her positivity and sweetness. She just radiates with happiness! Lyle truly found a treasure! Now, these two cuties are happily married.

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To Jolee and Lyle: I pray that God blesses your marriage abundantly! You two are destined for greatness. Do not allow the devil to come between that! Keep your relationship grounded in the Lord and He will keep your marriage strong! Much love to you both and CONGRATULATIONS!!

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. ~ Proverbs 3: 5-6

Florals: Jeffrey Scott Kessler Weddings and Events

Venue: Wormsloe Historic Site

Dress: Rent the Runway

Hair: Demi Rae Hair with Roots Southern Salon


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