Mallory + Emerson | A Coastal Meets Rustic Wedding | © Rachel Strickand Photography | Georgia Wedding Photographer

Just WOW! What a beautiful day this was! Mallory and Emerson’s wedding took place on the gorgeous property of LucyBelle Farm. The sun was shining and there was a perfect breeze through out the day. It felt like a dream! The combination of tan and navy made me feel like we were at a wedding at some farm on the beach haha! Two Chicks and A Trunk did a spectacular job of bringing coastal and rustic together for this wonderful wedding day.

When I arrived, I took my first look at Mallory, she was already dressed and was such a gorgeous bride! I knew Emerson was going to be the happiest groom that day! Mallory’s bridesmaids were so supportive and fun and Mallory’s mom, beautiful as can be, was making sure everything was perfect for her daughter. As a photographer, this is what I love to see on a wedding day. Yes, it may be the most hectic day you’ve ever experienced…but from an outside perspective…I see so much love and support throughout everyone that participates on this day! Next, I ran over to get the boys for their portraits and couldn’t help but to smile the entire time I spent with Emerson. He was just so happy!! Wait till you see his face as his wife to be walked down the aisle. Cheesin’!!

Mallory and Emerson, I am so honored to have been a part of this special day with you. I see the joy you bring out in each other…and it is so contagious! Congratulations and much love to you both!

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Venue: LucyBelle Farm

Coordinator and Decor: Two Chicks and a Trunk

Florals: Two Chicks and a Trunk

Dresses: David’s Bridal

Hair: Logan Moody

Makeup: Valerie Moore

DJ: Mel Burns

Catering: Paul’s Smokehouse Catering

Cake: Cake Corner

Officiant: Sam Martin | Gateway Pooler


Much Love,

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